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A nonprofit Corporation that shall be operated exclusively for educational and charitable purposes within the meaning of Section 501(c)(3).

You will find all of our current endeavors listed below. If you wish to become involved with any of our projects, please contact us at (661) 341-4252.

CLAWS Magazine

The staff is dedicated to the care of animals, whether pets or livestock. We surround ourselves with people who demonstrate a passion for pets and compassion for their care providers. We provide a venue where animal lovers can share their experiences and focus on the positive treatment of animals their charge.


Mc Sam

Our purpose is to establish a national memorial honoring the invaluable service horses, dogs and birds that have contributed to the military, law enforcement and civil service sectors of service to humankind.

All Creatures Directed PetCare Services

Focused on developing a voucher system intended to provide a percentage of funds to help low-income families pay for pet care. Application, to be developed, will ascertain financial status of applicant and medical need by health care provider.

Animal Lovers Award
For Excellence

Awarded by the Antelope Valley Animal Care Coalition and the endeavor will be profiled in CLAWS Magazine.

"Honoring leaders in the pet industry who deliver solutions and innovation to the community of animal-related businesses and create a favorable business climate.”


Antelope Valley Animal Care Coalition

There are about 80 Animal Care related enterprises in the Antelope Valley as well as almost 60 rescue groups and claimed rescuers. We hope to establish a regulatory and informational group to provide Animal Care businesses with the resources they need.

Get Involved

Contact us here to find out how you can help animals in the Antelope Valley through the All Creatures Network Inc. projects.

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